Right-wing protesters storm a Melbourne council over Australia Day decision

Moreland City, in inner north Melbourne, became the third Victorian council to stop referring to January 26 as Australia Day this month, but was the target of angry protests inside council chambers.


Several protesters were filmed storming a council meeting with Australian flags, wearing morphsuits, holding signs and waving giant inflatable hands.

Council members were visibly surprised and one member was forced to cover his ears when activists started to chant into megaphones.Activists stormed Moreland City Council after it changed Australia Day.AAP

Council members were eventually forced to file out of the room due to the protests.

One activist said Moreland Council did not want to hear the truth and asked the camera: “We are being called Nazis because we are Australian are we?”

The video was posted to activist group Patriot Blue’s Facebook page.

“Yesterday was a day of resistance against those who so wish to change our culture and country,” the caption from Patriot Blue read.

“This is Moreland City Council receiving a reaction for committing treason against the Australian people, the very people they are meant to serve.

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“Australia Day has always been and will always be on the 26th of January.”

Deputy Mayor Cr Samantha Ratnam said Moreland City Council remained proudly resolute on its decision.

“We got on with the business of governing the city and hearing from our community and ratepayers,” Cr Ratnam told SBS World News in a statement.

“The behavior of the intruders last night demonstrates that they do not know how to conduct a constructive political dialogue.”

Greens Councillor Natalie Abboud took to Facebook claiming she was proud of how Moreland Council reacted.

“I’m so proud of Moreland City Council and all the people who form the part of my community who are in the gallery tonight,” she rote on Wednesday night.

“Men in Lycra won’t stop us from hearing community submissions to the Draft Local Law tonight.

“I hope I never have to see a professor with his hands over his ears again. Thank you all for your bravery and patience.”